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HR and Human Capital Strategic Thought Partner Journey 

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  • HR Experience
    With 25 years of Human Resources experience, Jamie Bennett is a results-driven leader who delivers people operations solutions that balance the needs of the business with the needs of the employees. She believes in crafting talent acquisition, employee relations, and coaching solutions that directly impact her client’s ability to harness the power and passion of their people.
  • Spelman College and Early Career
    Upon graduating from Spelman College, Jamie began her career with The Federal Reserve Bank of New York first in the Statistics Department where she learned the importance of recognizing trends in financial reports—ultimately moving into her first Human Resources role as a campus recruiter where she leveraged her ability to communicate and sell the experience of having a career in regulatory banking to undergraduate students.
  • Redesigning Recruitment Requisition Process at Lehman Brothers
    In 2000, Jamie moved on to Lehman Brothers to work in the Capital Markets Department. Over the next 4 years, first, as an HR Analyst, then as an HR Associate, and finally as an HR Consultant, she helped support the team with headcount analytics reporting, redesigning the recruitment requisition process, and providing generalist support.
  • HR Business Partner with Non-Profit Sector
    Between 2005 and 2015, Jamie worked in the non-profit sector at CCCS of Greater Atlanta d.b.a. Clearpoint. The highlights of this role included helping the company to scale from a headcount of 120 to over 500, improving department efficiency, and improving service quality at all levels of the organization. The HR department transformed itself from traditional HR support to an HR Business Partner model where we crafted our solutions based on the strategic needs of the business.
  • Current Core Mission, Ethos, & HR Philosophy
    Jamie now owns, The LifeStyle Group which launched in March of 2013 where she and her team provide various levels of HR solutions to organizations in various industries including, aeronautics, fin-tech, government contracting, staffing, insurance, assisted living, and commercial cleaning. Jamie’s core mission is to continuously add value while supporting her clients in building values that they live out loud daily. Podcast: Rejecting Old School Management Theory with Human Capital Strategist - Yes, and Marketing 2021
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